At Creative Goose, we offer a range of technical services and consulting to our clients.   Our core strengths are:

   Consulting & Troubleshooting Apple technology

   Helping very small businesses leverage tech stuff

In that spirit, we work with clients where they are, with the technology they have now, and assist in forging a path to where they want to be.  If you present with a technical challenge that we don't yet know the answer for, we'll happily go find out!

We also offer Maintenance Programs to increase reliability, and Backup Regimens and Disaster Recovery plans to help protect against data loss.

Some of our specialty services include

Mac Consulting and Troubleshooting

iPhone, iPad, iWhatever assistance, training and consulting

Syncing data, organizing data, sharing data, slicing and dicing data, sorting data (we like data!)

Databases, specializing in customizing Small Business solutions with FileMaker Pro

Backups  (we're big on backups!)

...and Small Business technology in general!   If it attaches to your computers, flows through your computers, prints from your computers,  or if it should... we stand ready to help.