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You can save a bit of money by buying "last years" model.  Also, 2016 and older Mac laptops have traditional USB connectors, whereas newer ones don't; they have newer USB-C type.   All the Macs in this section are the Old School type and we are happy to recommend!


For Mac laptops with a CD/DVD drive, we can upgrade the RAM and the original hard drive to an SSD!


Great Deals on Late Model Macs, too!  


For Backup or Archive, Seagate Backup Plus drives are a dependable favorite!

Great for Time Machine, for extra storage, for cloning your computer, etc.   1 TB to 5 TB sizes available in a handheld high speed package.

Mesh Networking is the very latest in WiFi for the home and office; the NetGear Orbi's have been awesome to work with.  At Creative Goose, we have a Linksys Velop system.


Great deal on HDMI cables under $10 - one third the price of your local chain store!

Shop Amazon Basics - HDMI Cables


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