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iPads are perfect for getting online, from anywhere!  A portable "Window on the World," an iPad can not only get you online, but it can go places with you, and keep you online.  You can Email, Video Conference, and Shop from anywhere!

These are some great deals on iPads right now (updated list):



Great Computers, Great Deals:

The 2012 MacBook Pro is one of the best computers Apple ever made!  It is the last version that can be souped up after-market with additional RAM and an SSD.  We can put it all together for you!


Previous Model MacBook Pro Retina: the one with regular USB and Thunderbolt ports:


For Backup or Archive, Seagate Backup Plus drives are a dependable favorite!

Available in 1 to 5 TB sizes!

Mesh Networking is the very latest in WiFi for the home and office; the NetGear Orbi's have been awesome to work with!


Great deal on HDMI cables under $10 - one third the price of your local chain store!

Shop Amazon Basics - HDMI Cables


Other Things Amazon Thinks You Might Like: