Internet Onramp


What is it?

An iPad, custom- configured with Internet Access, an Email Address, a Skype Account, and some games.


Who is it for?

Anyone who is not using the Internet:

 - Senior citizens, who may feel disconnected from family and friends


  - People who still don't have Email


 - Grandparents who want to be able to video-conference with their grandchildren


 - Folks who may feel like they're "missing out" on the Internet and all its' benefits


 - Someone who may be intimidated by tech!


We make it Easy!  Creative Goose will assist in identifying the right iPad, purchasing it, setting it up, and getting it on-line.  We set up an Email and a Skype account, and we pre-install Solitaire.


Then, we come on-site and sit with the recipient to show you exactly how to get started:  We make the power of the Internet as easy to use as a television, with as few as four buttons to press!

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