Internet Onramp - Which iPad to get

We simply the process of choosing the right iPad for your Internet Onramp.   For most new users, it comes down to just 2 choices:

 - 9" screen or 12" screen

    - Larger Screens can be easier to read for those with eyesight challenges


 - Wifi-Only, or Cellular + Wifi

    - Wifi-Only requires an existing Wifi (wireless internet access) service of good quality

    - Cellular offers always-on every connectivity - but requires an account with a service provider


These base packages include the actual iPad, and up to 3 hours of On-Site setup and instruction, anywhere in Marin or Sonoma Counties.  Additional options are available for those with specific needs.

Note:  For those who already have an appropriate iPad, the Internet Onramp Service can be purchased without hardware; base price for this program is $250.00

To purchase Internet Onramp, click Contact Us and either give us a call or drop us a line; we'll contact you to tailor and deliver your Onramp!