Internet Onramp - More Info


The Internet Onramp is a structured package of inexpensive hardware, pre-configured software, accounts, and instruction.

 - We help you identify and purchase an appropriate iPad for your needs and budget:  we simplify this process and dispense with all the marketing hype.

 - We limit the initial Onramp focus to include just: web pages, email, video conferencing... and some old favorite games like Solitaire.

 - We set up all necessary accounts for you, and pre-configure the apps.

 - We show you (or your gift recipient) exactly how to get started with each of these.   Instruction is tailored for ANY level, including people who identify as techno-phobic!    We set up clear buttons for these services, and we sweep aside any extra stuff and get it out of the way.

 - We document all user accounts and passwords, and provide this in written form for your records.

Ideal as a gift to a parent, grandparent, etc., Creative Goose will work with you to get your loved one on-line, at their pace and without any pressure or sales.   The base price includes the iPad of your choice, and up to 3 hours of on-site instruction.   Additional instruction, if needed, is available at a reduced cost.

Call or email today to get started with a cust0mized Internet Onramp, and... welcome to the Internet!