Garage Sale

After over 30 years at this location, our client Ace Printing has ceased operations at 1925 East Francisco Blvd., San Rafael, CA 94901 and must vacate the space.   Everything that isn't bolted down must be out of the offices and warehouse / production space ASAP!

Saturday and Sunday, August 11 and 12, the site will be open to the public from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.   Come browse and make an offer on any of the equipment and furnishings including shelving and racks, posters, office supplies, printers, filing cabinets, typewriters,  Macs, PCs, fittings, boxed software, binding equipment and supplies, paper, and more.

For a special appointment to view whatever is left or for any questions about the sale, call 415.460.2800 or email

 Partial List

 - Printer and photocopier equipment, including:
HP Desginjet L26500 - large format inkjet
Xerox DocuColor 12 and DocuColor 4112
Fiery RIP engine(s) - XP12
SunBlade 1000

 - Vinyl cutting and folding equipment, including Printfold MT59 print trimmer
 - Banner printers, large format paper printers
 - Banner-maker / grommet machines, including Mimaki JV3#-160SP
 - G5 Mac Towers
 - iMac
 - PCs towers and Sun workstations
 - Office Chairs, desks
 - Conference Tables
 - Binding equipment and supplies, including: Document Binder 120, Saddle Point Systems
 - Work Tables - Large and Small
 - Stacking chairs -- nice fabric-backed conference chairs, matching
 - Heavy shelving / Gorilla racks
 - Book Shelves
 - File cabinets several sizes; lateral or traditional, legal or standard -- lots of them, including rails
 - Industrial Hole Punch, including CBC Magnapunch
 - Button Maker
 - SCSI Scanners, including Linotype Hell
 - Cash register and drawer
 - Laser Printers, including HP Laserjet
 - Inkjet Printers
 - Old software Photoshop Quark XPress Illustrator Boxes and licenses
 - Typewriters, several kinds including IBM Selectric with ball
 - Paper cutters several
 - Hyster hand fork lift / palette lift
 - Hand trucks & Dollies
 - Industrial folding and stapling equipment
 - Posters, including LucasArts / Skywalker and Game of Thrones pieces