What kind of customers does Creative Goose serve?

If you use an Apple Macintosh at home, or if you want to; if you have an iPhone or an iPad, or if you want to give an iPod to a family member who would benefit from the free eMail and video conferencing that comes with it (among other things) you've come to the right place.   Apple's gadgets  and software can be empowering and easy to use, and at Creative Goose, we'll help you at whatever level you are at -- we've got you under our wing!

Sole Proprietors
Do you run a business out of your home or garage?    Are you self-employed?  Apple's tools can help you track and run your business with ease and accuracy, and online promotional tools can make you look like a fortune 500 company!  For everything from eMail and Word Processing to heavy duty number crunching, lead tracking, inventory management and even audio and video production, Creative Goose can help you harness the best tool set in the world!

Small Companies
Whether your company operates under one roof or is distributed all over creation, you and your team can always be connected with the right digital tools: synchronized calendars, contacts, and documents for starters.   Multi-user databases that you can access from your laptop or iDevice for tracking your business -- customized for your business.    At Creative Goose, we can help you integrate your Apple technology in a Windows-centric world -- leveraging the power of your tools, and the competitive edge they can lend over those using yesterdays technology.