Why Backups are Important for YOU!

 You hear it all the time: "Make sure you have backups!"  But why?

1) Operator Error:  "Whoops, I didn't mean to overwrite my book file with an older copy."   "Oh no, I accidentally deleted all my contacts! "  Or sometimes simply, "It was there just this morning and now it's gone!"  

2) Mechanical Issue:  "I turned on my computer one day and it made a horrible noise!  Now it won't turn on!"  "It was only a little bit of water…"  and,  "Ma, the bus ran over my laptop again!"  

3) Site Disaster:  The robber comes and cleans out the house.  A fire ravages the neighborhood.  The entire county splits off and falls into the sea.   These are the unthinkable disasters that no one is ever truly prepared for.

With a thorough backup strategy in place, you can recover all of your data from any or all of these situations.

Our Strategy

At Creative Goose, we advocate a dual-pronged backup strategy:

A) Regular, Automatic Local Backup.   Without you having to remember to do anything special on an ongoing basis, the entire computer -- photos, email, programs, settings, documents -- is backed up, usually to a hard drive.   Apple's Time Machine software is an excellent choice for example.

B) Regular Off-Site Backup.   For most users, our recommendation is to use a "Cloud" backup over the Internet:  All of your data is backed up securely to redundant off-site storage, automatically on an ongoing basis.  If the unthinkable happens, you at least have your data when you set about to rebuild!

Creative Goose is proud to partner with Backblaze, an Off-Site "Cloud" backup service written first for Macintosh.  For just $6 per month, your whole computer is backed up automatically and securely to their private Cloud.   There are several reputable cloud backup companies to choose from.