At Creative Goose, we help Individuals and Small Businesses make effective use of technology. 

We specialize in Apple, including Mac, IPad, iPhone, and iCloud.  We also help with all the information that flows through and stored on these gadgets, making sure it is a tool for you, not a headache.

Creative Goose is the sole proprietor business of David Farrow, who writes:

"In March of 1998 I quit my full-time tech support job in San Francisco, and hung out my shingle as a freelance Mac Tech in Marin County.

I had put myself through college doing what we then called "desktop publishing," which tends to lead to (ahem) tech support and problem solving -- which it turned out I had a knack for.  When I graduated, I had a brief go at a career in professional recording, then stopped resisting the "computer thing" and went to work supporting high tech for several interesting small companies.

 By '98, I was tired of the 9-5 rat race, and I saw an opportunity.

From the beginning, I've specialized in supporting Apple stuff for Very Small Businesses -- startups, mom & pops, and sole proprietors.  My approach to computers is not through "IT and Computer Science," rather, I approach technology as a tool set to help you get your work done.

My customers are people who want to make effective use of technology to enhance their productivity.   Apple's tools are incredibly powerful, and can make a one or two person business shine just as bright as a publicly traded enterprise.

While I am an Apple specialist -- having grown up with these tools -- I am also a practical generalist when it comes to small business.  I help people set up systems, networks, Wifi, calendar and contact sync, custom databases, remote access, and more.

With boots on the ground in and around Marin County, I also offer remote support, and companies with geographically dispersed employees."